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25 Quick Low Fat Breakfast Treats (Fast, Easy and Delicious)


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the name suggests, you eat after a night long fasting. Hence, it becomes really important to eat a nutritious and sumptuous breakfast. Moreover, breakfast has to be such that it should provide you with enough energy to sustain you till lunch time. However, due to hectic lifestyles, we are usually short on time and tend to skip this very important meal of the day.

This book is a collection of various quick and easy to make recipes, those are not only low in fat and nutritious but also delicious to eat. Some of them can be prepared in advance and can then be enjoyed at breakfast.

The low fat and high fiber content of many of these recipes make them ideal for people looking to lose some quick pounds. The ingredients used to prepare these recipes are all easily available in the supermarkets.

The recipes in this book will tickle the taste buds of both adults and children alike. If you are looking for a low cholesterol breakfast, you can replace whole eggs with egg whites.

Much has been said and its now time to indulge in the experience!

Here is just some of what you will learn how to make:

* Introduction
* Fruit Salad with Greek yoghurt
* Mushroom Toast
* Porridge with Apples
* Yoghurt Parfraits with pineapple and strawberry
* Oats-Banana Smoothie
* Spicy Cheese Sandwich
* Omelet wrap
* Buckwheat pancakes
* French toast
* Zucchini muffins
* Cucumber and carrot sandwich
* Cheesy beans toast
* Banana Milk Shake
* Vegetable Quinoa
* Spicy vegetable Omelet
* Oat bran and raisin muffins

And much, much more!



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