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Slimming for Summer – 40 healthy recipes and daily tips for losing weight, for summer and beyond

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Losing weight for summer and beyond is made easy by using the Slimming for Summer’s uniquely designed combination of calorie counted recipes, daily weight loss tips, daily exercise plan and confidence building exercises.

Excess weight just seems to melt off as you follow the healthy and nutritious daily menus, which are suitable for the whole family.

The slimmer, more confident you, can then reveal yourself to the world this summer and beyond!

There are hundreds of diets out there for you to choose from; you may have tried some of them already, starting off with lots of good intentions and enthusiasm, following the meal plans meticulously, only to be left with a sinking feeling when you get onto the scales and realise, that not much has happened. All of your effort was a waste of time.

Why is that?

You may have initially got rid of a few pounds (probably mainly water), which makes you feel good, then a few weeks into the diet and the weight reduction slows down considerably making you feel depressed. You mentally start beating yourself up, your old eating habits start to creep back, which then makes you feel guilty and this enhances the negative thoughts, that you have let yourself down. You then decide to ditch the diet, blaming a multitude of things, and your favourite foods are back on the menu.This gets you back onto the same old cycle you were on before you began the diet and you start putting the weight back on plus a few extra pounds.

Does this sound familiar?

It is well documented and known that almost any diet in which you take in fewer calories each day than you burn will result in weight reduction.

The real problem is having the continued willpower and control to stay on any diet program that you had selected.

This is where the Slimming for Summer is radically different. It is about equipping you with the mental tools to manage emotion related eating and about giving you the confidence to manage permanent lifestyle changes. Weight loss is almost a side effect of the changes you are going to make in the four week program. Then you will be ready to fly…and if it takes a little longer than that, then you can repeat and repeat until you feel strong enough to fly on your own. The only failure is never giving change a go in the first place, and like most people, you may well have to accommodate a number of false starts before you win your personal race.

Right here, right now you can begin to change the course of your life.

Before you beginSlimming for Summer, reflect back on all of the times in the past when you thought you had the answers…

• Are you frustrated because in the past you have lost a few pounds only to gain them back again with a few extra to boot?
• Do you hate what looks back at you when you look in the mirror or shop window?
• Do you worry and agonize over what other people are saying about your shape and size?
• Do you feel guilty because you are overweight?
• Do you dread going on holiday for the thoughts of having to wear swim wear?
• Do you wear the same style of loose fitting clothes every day, in an attempt to hide your body shape?
• Do you avoid getting your photo taken or cringe inside when it happens?
• Do you feel that you are not sexy, so you hold yourself back from your partner and avoid social gatherings?
• Does the extra weight you are carrying cause you to become breathless?
• Do you wish for a social life you are happy with?
• Are you frustrated by not achieving your goal of getting rid of excess fat and having a well-toned body and feel it is already heading towards being too late?
• Do you want to get rid of this diet/weight gain merry-go- round that you have been on for so long?

Then Slimming for Summer is for you!



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